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Halloumi Tikka Masala ©

Serves 4

1 block Halloumi Cheese (250g) cut into slices (approx £ coin thickness)

4 Red Onions (sliced)

3 assorted Peppers deseeded and cut onto smallish chunks

1 small carton Passata

3 Tbs Tikka Curry Paste

Good squeeze Garlic Puree

Dry fry the Halloumi in a hot frying pan until golden on both sides – remove.

Fry the Onions and Peppers in a little Rapeseed Oil with the Garlic until just soft and then add the Halloumi. Mix well together and then stir through the Tikka Paste *use a Korma if preferred or a Madras if you like to really taste your curries…… Sizzle for a few minutes to get the best flavour from the paste.

Finally, add the Passata to desired thickness (this should be quite a dry curry) and simmer for approximately 5 minutes. Serve with one of our delicious Flatbreads, on top of a Jacket Potato or on a bed of Wholegrain Rice.

This tasty and nutritious dish couldn’t be simpler. It’s quite easy to tweak for a Vegan diet – use Tofu instead of Halloumi. Adding Sweet Potato to this curry would provide optimum nutrition – and it’s absolutely delicious!

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